Bonanza Bingo Paper

  • Bright, bold colors!
  • No duplicates per series – GUARANTEED!
  • Printed on the outside of each card is a serial
    number unique to that set of 9,000 cards; each card within that set also has its own unique audit number
  • Folded type bingo cards printed on special paper, perforated along the edges and sealed at the top
  • Actual face size: 4 3/8” W x 5 1/4” H


Before your regular session begins, call 48 numbers and post them on your Bonanza Bingo flashboard. Continue to play your regular game. Sell Bonanza Bingo cards before the last game of the night and close sales. A player with coverall wins the jackpot prize. If there is no winner with the 48 numbers posted, call the 49th, 50th, etc., until there is a winner for the consolation prize.

*This is the most common method of playing Bonanza Bingo


Available Series Master Sheet
1-9,000 1S1, 2V1, 3V1
9,001-18,000 1S1, 2V1, 3V1